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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Branjangan (Mirafra javanica)

Branjangan (Mirafra javanica) is a bird of the nation Alaudidae passerines from the famous family can sing beautifully. In their ability to imitate other birds' voices and styles bertarungnya wing by increasing the mengepakan favorite people to maintain these birds.

In the wild, often singing Branjangan over telephone wires or a rock or a tall tree tops and occasionally will sing with a pattern like a helicopter to show the territory or to attract females. Branjangan a paddy bird / fields that like to live in open grassy areas or bushes that are not too dense.

In the past not many people know that a small bird with a dull coat has a beautiful voice and good at imitating other birds' voices, his intelligence in other birds imitating a voice booms into a variety.

Branjangan treatment is relatively easy to make it increasingly hunted birds. Some even make pelomba bird bird bird is a must to master Lombanya birds.

Along with the increasing number of people who keep these birds, the more so Branjangan chasing less and less visible presence. In the era before the 90's still a lot of birds in the markets we find Branjangan with features that currently favored, such as a large body, tuft and even we will easily get the chicks with a relatively affordable price.

Along with the interest fans of racing birds chirp have this bird, but not accompanied by the presence of bird conservation is increasingly difficult to obtain. Currently Branjangan we meet in the market very few coming from the land of Java, with its famous branjangan good birds. However branjangan now available on the market come from many areas of Sumatra and Nusa Tenggara.

In general branjangan birds coming from Central Java and Yogyakarta Wates hobiest preferred by Branjangan. Good mental, body big and loud volume and variety of diverse voices, as well as batik patterns or colors that are attractive, reddish or yellowish. Description: Branjangan (Mirafra javanica) Rating: 4.5 Reviewer: Jasa Penerjemah Manual - ItemReviewed: Branjangan (Mirafra javanica)

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